Booking Information

Booking Process

Booking Rules and Rates (Jindabyne and Mt  Hotham winter rates, and combined Summer Rates) are issued to all members in the November Newsletter.

Lodge members are entitled to apply for an initial preferential  booking during the ski season for whichever lodge they have equity in. Only after these bookings are satisfied, are other members entitled to book for the season . Lodge members initially have preference over Ordinary members, who in turn have preference over Visitors/Non-members.

After this initial booking round is complete, usually by mid-March, the bookings are then on a first come first served basis, with no preference between Lodge and Ordinary members or Visitors/Non-members.

All bookings must be made to the Booking Officer on the application form setting out full details. Only where the names are provided at the time of booking will the appropriate member rates be applied.  Where no names are given, non-members’ rates will apply. 

Process for Making a Booking

Contact the Booking Officer Karen (02 4261 9191) in the first instance to ensure that the room is available and to hold the booking open for you (for 3 Days only). Complete the on-line Accommodation Booking form and submit. The Booking officer, via email, will confirm your booking and amount payable with a link to E-Way to make payment via your credit card. You will receive a Booking Receipt with details of your booking with a room number once we confirm payment has been received.

You will need to take your booking receipt with you to the lodge.

All applications received on any one day will be considered together.  Where this results in competition for particular bookings, preference will be given to longer booking periods, the larger number of people, then Lodge Members, Ordinary Members and others, in that order.  Where this still results in competition, ballots will be conducted.

Telephone Enquiries

Telephone enquiries will NOT be regarded as a booking, but a commitment given by telephone will be held for three working days.

Booking Times

  • Weekly bookings commence at 2 pm Sunday, and finish at 10 am on the following Sunday.
  • A Short Week commences at 2 pm Sunday, and finishes at 10 am on the following Friday
  • A Weekend commences at 2 pm Friday, and finishes at 10 am on the following Sunday
  • All Days commence at 2 pm that day, and finish 10 am the following day.


The club will have credit card facilities via the Booking form only. Manual payments can be made by cheque or money order.