Payment Info

Most Important: Please note any deviation from the below procedure may result in voiding the transaction completely, rendering your membership renewal or your lodge booking invalid.


For membership renewal only members need to

  1. Enquire from Bob Philp to get their unique computer generated number (as distinct from the number of their share certificate).
  2. Fill out the  Membership Annual Subscription Form  on line
  3. Once you have completed  and submitted your form you will receive an email as confirmation with amount owing which will have a link to payment via E-Way for payment by Credit Card
  4. This will be available from 1st January 2018
  5. Please do not pay by direct deposit as per previous years due to a large number of errors being made.


To Pay for Accommodation do one of the following two options:

Option 1

  1. Contact the Booking Officer (02 6585 5535) in the first instance to ensure that the room is available and to hold the booking open for you (for 3 days only).
  2. Complete the Accommodation Booking Form  on line
  3. The Booking Officer, via email, will confirm your booking and amount payable with a link to E-Way to make payment via your credit card.

Option 2

  1. If you are not making a booking on line and are using the paper booking forms, you will need to pay via cheque or money order. After checking with the booking officer to ensure the room is available, fill in and send the completed  form with the payment to:

The Booking Officer

Mrs Eunice Philp

23 Bain Place

Bonny Hills 2445

Fax 65855535